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     I love to blow glass! I have been working/playing with it for almost fifty years now. I started on a torch in my mother's basement when I was about ten years old; now I'm almost sixty! When I was a teenager I went off to college in California (CCAC) to learn how to blow "the big stuff" - pieces off of a blow pipe. After working hard at fairs and dreaming for a number of years, I was able to put together a glass blowing studio here at my home on Bainbridge Island in Washington state. For the past twenty five years or so I have been lucky enough to support myself from my work; teaching glass blowing and selling pieces.

     My philosophy of blowing glass is simple: let the glass just be itself; let it do what it naturally wants to do; try to notice and capture its beauty rather than tell it what to do. To encourage it rather than to force it. If you get the glass hot and let it move it will do beautiful things. The trick is to pay attention and know when to stop!

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